Family Medicine: What Is It and Why Do We Need It


This is a branch of primary care medicine that deals with the whole family inclusive of both infants and the elderly. Unlike the specialty of most doctors, experts in family medicine have more versatile roles when it comes to the health of a family. This means they are permitted to deal with any emergency situation that surfaces and only seek external help when it is necessary. Through its focus on all facets of the family’s health, it amplifies potential for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any conditions affecting a member (s) of the family. Find out from Dr. Ankita Singh how family medicine impacts to the health of families positively from the details below.

Family doctors are long terms solutions

Your child will be with the family doctor through different stages of their lives as they grow up. Both you and your family can bask in the quality checkups, diagnoses and treatment options presented to you by your family doctor. Their experience in family medicine means they can handle different facets of your health and only bring in extra help when there is need to. This has proven to be instrumental in saving time and availing readily needed medical help that would have otherwise been delayed going to the ER or any hospital.

Make informed decisions

Having spent some time with you and your family, the family medicine professional you choose will be familiar with your lifestyle and needs. The familiarity of your needs makes them understood your life, ailment and the decisions to make that will cause lees friction for your finances and time. They strive to understand the whole medical history of your family and then make better treatment decisions in case of emergencies. In the event that they are unable to deal with the ailment, they can always redirect you to another specialist that will take care of you.

Family friendly services

Personalized services are one of the major merits for settling for family medicine doctors today. Their involvement in the health of the entire family makes it easy to trust them and create a rapport with one another. This is what is needed for successful checkups, diagnosis and treatments on a personal level befitting the family. There is maximum privacy maintained between family medicine doctors and their patients and that improves the trust that families have in their doctors. Children can especially be very stubborn when dealing with a new doctor every time they get sick, why not rely on one of them for a long period of time?

Cost efficient for your healthcare budgeting

There are different expenses that patients have to make before they are even taken care of in any hospital. Family medicine professionals make the diagnosis and treatment procedure possible because they already have the medical history of the patient. This means laboratory tests among other services paid for are uncalled for when dealing with them. Their role is to treat the patients before they have to go to the ER units of hospitals hence saving them from many expenses.

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